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When I left RStudio a year ago to join Google Cloud my goal was to get exposure to other ways of being a sales engineer. This post recaps what I have learned and why I’m excited to be leaving Google for a sales engineering role at a new start up, Elementl.

I think it might be helpful to have a brief timeline of the past year:

Outside Work

The biggest part of 2022 was becoming a new father. I am grateful to Google and my managers for allowing me to take 12 weeks of leave. I don’t like to post photos of my daughter publicly, so instead:

The second biggest part of 2022 was re-discovering mountain biking, which led to me selling my old college mountain bike (codename: “Charlie”), and buying a ridiculous Surly Wednesday. So slow. So fun.

Looker Lessons

Looker ran an incredibly tight sales team that was a great example of value oriented selling. They also built ramp, tools, and processes that executed their strategy. The Looker process included:

Looker was licensed as a SaaS offering where pricing was platform and user based. The pricing was typically custom based on the customer.

Google Cloud Lessons

Google Cloud was an entirely different beast. I was a data analytics specialist, an overlay to the GCP account teams who sold the entire GCP portfolio. (Actually I was a Looker specialist so I was an overlay to the DA overlay). If Looker was about value selling, GCP was about solution selling which meant:

This process was sometimes done with greenfield accounts but was often done within existing GCP accounts. There were two goals: to secure a commit and then to turn that commit into revenue by driving workload consumption.

It was not uncommon to have 10-20 people involved in a GCP opportunity in one form or another, and as an overlay overlay I usually spent 2-3 weeks with these teams before moving on.

GCP is massive. Their systems are massive. But I did enjoy a few tools:

Our office had a breakfast and lunch each day (Indian food and bacon were my highlights), a bike shop, a climbing wall, pinball, a barista, and fully stocked kitchens with snacks. Most people didn’t come in daily, and after the January re-org my “teams” were all based throughout CA.

In addition to the sales process I got exposed to GCP’s take on IAM, cloud consoles, and their crown jewel: BigQuery.

I’d like to Thank…

In no particular order


So what’s next? I’ll be joining Elementl as their first SE. I am excited to be back at a small startup where the sales strategy, pitch decks, and demos still need to be built. I’m also really excited about the technology. At Google I enjoyed getting more hands on with SQL running Looker plays. GCP sales, on the other hand, covers so many tools it’s impossible to have more than a shallow understanding of each. I’m looking forward to being back in the trenches selling, but also writing Python and wrangling Kubernetes. Elementl is a good fit for me because it is a technical sale to technical personas, with a small sharp team, built around a bottom’s up sales process.

I am grateful to have “double-dipped” and learned from both Looker and GCP. I am also grateful for a slower year with time off to start learning how to be a father. While it is hard to leave the security and comfort and food of Google, for now I am looking forward to going back to startup “time”. Maybe I’ll return to the behemoth one day, but till then, thanks fellow Googlers!


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